Commercial Solutions

Helping you to use energy better

Adelaide Geoexchange was formed out of a passion to see our clients use energy better and remove their reliance on fossil fuel for space conditioning systems, hot water systems and pool heating by using the stored renewable energy supplied by Nature. Through the use of Geoexchange heat pumps we can provide you with total solution.


Adelaide Geoexchange can work in with your engineering team or utilise our own team to undertake feasibility studies and design of a solution for you.


Adelaide Geoexchange has the capabilities to undertake the full installation of you our solutions, giving you peace of mind that your system will work well.


Adelaide Geoexchange has the capabilities to undertake the full service of our own Geoexchange installation as well as servicing of existing systems.

Our Services and Products

Pool and spa heating

 By using Water to Water Geoexchange heat pumps to heat your pool and spa you can can expect to see a reduction in the overall running cost of your centre. The pool heating systems can be integrated into the pool halls space conditioning to recover waste heat and also has the option of utilising heat from other areas that are being cooled.

Discover Geoexchange

By utilising a Geoexchange heat pump we can access the stored RENEWABLE thermal energy stored in the nature providing you with efficient heating, cooling, hot water and pool heating. 


To access the stored RENEWABLE thermal energy in nature with utilise Geoexchange heat pumps that are also referred to as ground source heat pumps, water to water and water to air heat pumps.

Ducted Space Heating And Cooling

With the choice of packaged water to air geoexchange heat pumps or water to water geoexchange heat pumps combined with chilled & heated water fan coil units or hydronic heating systems a Geoexchange solution is flexible to fit into any project. 

Waste heat recovery

Every day and night a large amount of thermal energy is literally flushed down the drain. We have innovative solutions that can help to recover heat or reject heat to a sewer or waste water system, helping to reduce or remove your use of fossil fuels and reduce the operation costs of your facility or building.

Solutions for primary industries

 In our research we have found that a number of manufacturing facilities in rural and regional areas are still using LPG to heat water and outdated and old technology for chilling water. Did you know with geoexchange we can remove heat from a space or water and transfer that heat to another area of water?

Hydronic Heating And Cooling

From accommodation facilities, pool deck heating to cold room floor condition systems hydronic infloor heating and cooling systems can be an efficient and suitable solution for a range of commercial applications. 

Solutions for Developments

Heat retained in the ground is a free, renewable local source of energy. With a district geoexchange system in your development you will significantly reduce the carbon footprint, reduce energy costs for residents and businesses and in the case of a developer owned system long-term stable revenue. 

Solutions for wineries

Adelaide Geoexchange offers solutions for wineries that include heated and chilled water involved in the production of wine and also provide heating and cooling to cellar doors, work spaces and offices 

Solutions for Accommodation providers

We can provide efficient heating, cooling, hot water and pool heating solutions for motels, resorts, camp grounds and any other time of accommodation.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide

We are supporting the City of Adelaide’s drive to become Carbon Neutral. Find out why we support this initiative and what we can do to help you on the journey

heated and chilled water for process applications

If you need heated and chilled water for manufacturing or any other processes we can help reduce or remove your reliance on the use of fossil fuels (boilers) to give you a truely energy efficient solution.