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Lower your costs while increasing comfort

pools The Real Story

 The ongoing running costs associated with running a pool facility can be very large and can often become a drain on you financial resources. At times the need to undertake measures to reduce the burden may come in to play by either boosting entry fee’s, find outside investment or for councils have the costs passed on through rates in your local area.

Most of us would agree that the cost to access and use of a local swimming facility should be at a reasonable rate so that it is accessible to all members of society.

Commercial Geoexchange Systems can reduce your pool facilities running costs by up to 60%

Solving the problem

 To achieve a lower operational cost of your facility certain measures can be undertaken including upgrades to the building envelope, variable speed pumps to the pool filtration system and one of the biggest areas of reduction implement energy efficiency strategy that reduces the constant outlay of running costs.

 To take control of your facility and better manage your energy security we suggest utilising the stored RENEWABLE thermal energy in nature with out the need to use fossil fuel burning appliances (gas boilers). By using efficient electrical appliances in your facility matched with a solar PV system you can head towards taking control of your energy future.

A complete solution

 Geoexchange heat pumps are appropriate for new construction as well as retrofits of older buildings.  Their flexible design requirements make them a good choice for schools, high-rises, government buildings, apartments, and restaurants and almost any commercial property. Lower operating and maintenance costs, durability, and energy conservation make Geoexchange heat pumps the smart choice for commercial applications.

A Geoexchange / Geothermal Heating and Cooling Solution uses the near stable temperatures below the ground to offer efficient heating, cooling, hot water and pool heating.

How Does it Work?

 A few meters beneath the surface, the earth’s temperature remains fairly constant. Geoexchange takes advantage of this constant temperature to provide extremely efficient heating and cooling.

In winter, a water solution circulating through pipes buried in the ground absorbs heat from the earth and carries it into the building. Inside the building a heat pump is utilised to concentrate the earth’s thermal energy and then to transfer it to the required application.

In the summer, the process is reversed. The heat that is extracted from the air inside or the water in the chilled system is transferred through the heat pump to the ground loop piping. The water solution in the ground loop then carries the excess heat back to the earth.

Pool Facility Case Study

St Peters College Sports Centre Adelaide Swimming Pool is heated with a Commercial Geoexchange System
Commercial Heat Recovery Ventilation System at St Peters College Adelaide
WaterFurnace Geoexchange Water to Water heat pumps for Commercial pool heating at St Peters College Adelaide Geoexchange

St Peters College Adelaide

Year installed: 2016

System capacity: 170 kW Cooling, 180 kW Heating

Delivery method: Water to Air Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) for ducted heating and cooling and Water to Water Reversible Chiller GSHP’s for swimming pool water heating

6 x 
WaterFurnace Envision Series XL Ducted water-to-air, 
2 x WaterFurnace Envision2 Chiller NKW water-to-water,
1 x Air Change Australia ERV

Ground Heat Exchanger: Vertical boreholes

ENERGY SAVING: Up to 60 % savings compared to conventional reverse-cycle air-conditioning