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It's time to use energy differently for heating, cooling, hot water and pool Heating!

In our fast changing world technological advancements have lead to the change in the mix of how we produce electricity and consume other fuel sources. Often we hear and have been seeing signs in our environment that tell us we need to approach how we do things differently than we have in the past. We now know that fossil fuel reliance needs to be reduced and more renewable, less environmentally impacting ways of energy creation and consumption needs to be adopted. 

 This is where our passion at Adelaide Geoexchange comes in as we are driven to help you by utilising our interest in using the energy we consume in a better way whilst still providing the highest level of comfort achievable. To meet this need we specialise in the design, installation and servicing of Quality, Premium Comfort, Future Proofed Geoexchange Heating, Cooling, Hot water and Pool Heating solutions that will give you the level of comfort you desire now and for many years to come. From Residential homes to Commercial applications we have a solution to fit.

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Adelaide Geoexchange provides future proof Geoexchange heating, cooling, hot water and pool heating solutions in South Australia

Our Geoexchange solutions include:

  • Ducted Heating and Cooling
  • Hydronic Infloor and Radiator Heating
  • Hot Water
  • Pool and Spa Heating
  • Heated and Chilled Water Applications
  • Waste Heat Recovery

Did you know Geoexchange systems have a proven track record in Australia of reducing the amount of energy used in residential and commercial HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), pool heating and hot water systems for over 25 Years.

People and industries we serve:

  • Home Owners
  • Owner Builders
  • Builders and Contractors 
  • Architects and building designers
  • Engineers
  • Schools
  • Wineries and Breweries
  • Sports clubs
  • Councils
  • Local Government

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We are passionate to see people consuming energy better and would love the opportunity to discuss how out Geoexchange solutions can help you with Heating, Cooling, Hot water or Pool heating in your residential or commercial premises.  Please feel free to send us an email or fill in our contact form.