HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation)

When Might You Need A Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

Have you ever lived in a home where when the wind was blowing outside you could feel it inside? A number of homes that have been built in the past (and are still being built) have plenty of gaps and cracks that let a home breath internally naturally but also create a way for heat to escape or heat to enter the home. As energy costs have increased and the cost to heat and cool homes has started to hit the pocket more the need to create homes that are built tighter and don’t leak energy out of gaps and cracks has created a new problem. The homes that are built and sealed better have a potential for moisture and pollutants that are generated in the home during normal activities like showering, bathing or cooking to become trapped inside as they cannot escape. Excessive levels moisture that are trapped in the home can promote the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria.

What Is A Heat Recovery Ventilation System?

In simple terms a heat recovery ventilation system does what the name says, It recovers heat while ventilating. It does this by removing stale air from your home or building and expels is to the outside air. At the same time as the stale air is being expelled from the home or building the unit is drawing in fresh air from outside in a seperate duct. The genius of the system is what happens during this process in the Heat Recovery Ventilation unit. 

 The heat recovery ventilation unit contains a heat exchanger that is placed between the outgoing and incoming air. As the outgoing air passes across the heat exchange the heat is removed and transferred to the incoming air on the other side. This process not only helps to remove the waste heat but also to prevent the mixing of the stale and fresh air.

Adelaide Geoexchange designs, supplies and installs HRV (heat recovery ventilation systems) in South Australia.
HRV (Heat recovery ventilation) systems Adelaide
Brink HRV installed in Adelaide by Adelaide Geoexchange
Brink HRV installed in a home in the Adelaide Hills

Brink Heat Recovery Ventilation System installed in the Adelaide Hills

Recently we completed the installation and commissioning of a Brink HRV system on a newly constructed home in the Adelaide Hills. The unit is installed in a laundry cupboard with ducting feed through a drop down ceiling to the supply and return vents throughout the home.

After system installation we have balanced the system using our Anemometer that measures airflow at the duct outlets.

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