About us

Our Passion for Energy Efficient Comfort Solutions gives you peace of mind that you are getting the best. 

 Whether you are building a new home or looking to upgrade the level of climate comfort in your existing home we will have a solution to suit you.

 We take great pride in offering quality, energy efficient and properly designed heating and cooling systems for our clients to give a system that operates at it best all the time.

 Adelaide Geoexchange have been trained and certified as geoexchange installation specialists to international standards. All our work is undertaken to meet strict Australian standards and where the works we undertake are not covered by an Australian standard we use European or US standards.


Geoexchange Industry Accreditations:

 WaterFurnace Factory Trained Technician
Factory Trained Fusion Technician
ID: 5197-6350
GAIN Member (Geoexchange Authorised Installer Network)
RAIN Member (REHAU Authorised Installer Network)




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