Adelaide Geoexchange Servicing South Australia

 Adelaide Geoexchange are South Australia’s most experienced Geoexchange design and installation company formed out of a passion to see you enjoy a greater level of comfort in their homes or buildings whilst using energy better. With keen interest in low energy and renewable solutions when it comes to climate control in homes, Our expertise covers ducted heating and cooling, hydronic underfloor and radiator heating, hot water, HRV (Heat recovery ventilation) and Pool and Spa heating utilising geoexchange and air to water (hydronic heat pumps). By having experience and expertise in these areas it gives us the best opportunity to offer you a fully designed system that will give you the greatest level of comfort with true peace of mind now and well into the future.

Our number one goal is that from your initial contact with Adelaide Geoexchange, through the installation process and into the future with system servicing you will feel supported and fulfilled in the choice you have made.

Adelaide Geoexchange have been trained and certified as geoexchange installation specialists to international standards. All our work is undertaken to meet strict Australian standards and where the works we undertake are not covered by an Australian standard we use European or US standards. We are proud members of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA).

Adelaide Geoexchange motto is Efficiency, Comfort and Reliability when designing hydronic and geoexchange systems in South Australia

What Should You Expect From our systems?

  Efficiency, Comfort and Reliability are just a few of the positive outcomes when selecting one of our solutions for your home. Our solutions will provide you with many years of ultimate home comfort and peace of mind.

Efficiency: All of our equipment we select and install is the highest quality, selected from reputable manufactures with many years of experience. Our Geoexchange heat pumps have among the highest and most constant available efficiencies across the full heating and cooling season due to the fact the heat sink (the ground) isn’t affected by outdoor air temperature extremes.

Comfort: What does it mean to be truly comfortable?
The moment you forget that your heating or cooling is running is the moment you realise you are truly comfortable. If you forget it’s on it generally means it is doing its job. Making you very comfortable.

Reliability: Did you know that Geoexchange heat pumps have been installed in South Australia since the early 90’s? With most of the original heat pumps still in operation today. As the heat pump is installed internally, in a plant room or garage it is protected from the outside elements, meaning it is protected where outside conditions are not great (by the sea, where there are lots of tree leaves that block normal condensers on heat pumps etc)

Our Credintials

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Accredited InstallerID: 32181-0313

WaterFurnace Factory Trained TechnicianFactory Trained Fusion TechnicianID: 5197-6350

RAIN Member (REHAU Authorised Installer Network)