Spa and Pool Heating

Spa and Pool Heating can be a costly exercise especially if you are using non efficient means of heating. Adelaide Geoexchange offer pool and spa heating with either geoexchange or air to water heat pumps.

If you are using a geoexchange or air to water heat pump for hydronic heating we can direct the heat to your pool or spa when not heating you home reducing the amount of extra equipment you will need.

If you are using a geoexchange system for cooling we can reject the heat from your home or building into the pool or spa.

Adelaide Geoexchange designs, supplies and installs heat pumps for Pool and Spa Heating in South Australia.

Geoexchange the efficient pool heating solution!

Heating a pool with Geoexchange can offer you year round use of your pool with a reduced running cost compared to other methods of heating. By using the near stable tempretures below the ground you can have efficient pool and spa heating with out having to worry about the out door air tempretures.

Annual Operating costs of pool heating Adelaide Geoexchange

Commercial Pool heating

If you have a commercial pool that needs heating Geoexchange can be a very effective solution.

St Peter’s College Adelaide Geoexchange System

In 2016, St Peter’s College in Adelaide became the first school in South Australia to use geoexchange to heat their indoor pool and provide space conditioning to the pool enclosure. We undertook the installation of the plant and equiptment on behalf of Geoexchange Australia.  

At the school ground temperatures of 17C are accessed through the installation of a Ground Heat Exchanger (GHX) beneath the adjacent sports oval. This consists of 45 boreholes drilled to a depth of 70 metres each. The water circulated through the polyethylene pipe within this GHX extract heat from the ground and deliver it to a series of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) that are located in the main plant room. Two of the GSHPs transfer this heat from the GHX into the pool water while six GSHPs supply the pool hall with space heating and/or cooling.

For more information about this great project visit Geoexchange Australia’s St Peters school case study here. 

  • Year installed: 2016
  • System capacity: 170 kW Cooling, 180 kW Heating
  • Delivery method: Water to Air Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) for ducted heating and cooling and Water to Water Reversible Chiller GSHP’s for swimming pool water heating
  • Ground Source Heat Pump: WaterFurnace Envision Series XL Ducted water-to-air, WaterFurnace Envision2 Chiller NKW water-to-water.
  • Ground Heat Exchanger: Vertical boreholes
  • ENERGY SAVING: Up to 60 % savings compared to conventional reverse-cycle air-conditioning