Upgrading Hydronic Heating oil boiler Adelaide

Do you have an existing hydronic heating system that is heated by an oil boiler?

We have visited a number of homes in the Adelaide Hills that had hydronic infloor heating installed in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Back then the choice of heat source for areas that didn’t have a natural gas connection where generally limited to wood fired boilers, LPG boilers and also Oil fired boilers.

As time and technology has moved on heating with LPG and Oil fired boilers has now been replaced with energy efficient clean electrically driven air sourced or ground source heat pumps.

Most older systems that have been run on LPG or heating oil have been turned off sometime in the past as they became too expensive to run and maintain. 

The good news is that most of the floor heating pipework is still in usable condition so you can enjoy the benefits of upgrading your existing hydronic heating system.

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Old Hydronic Oil Boilers run on heating oil and are often too expensive to run and maintain.
Old Hydronic Oil Boilers run on heating oil and are often too expensive to run and maintain.

An efficient way to heat you hydronic heating Adelaide

Upgrading your existing hydronic heating oil boiler to a new efficient heat source is easier than you may think + the savings on heating oil will give you a great pay back. A hydronic heating system can be very efficient but this is only true if designed and installed correctly and only when coupled with a truely efficient ground source or air to water heat pump that utilises smart controls. By using heat pump technology you are using an efficient electrically driven system that can use onsite renewable power from Solar PV or green power purchased from your electrical retailer. We do not recommend or install systems that use gas, diesel or oil boilers as we are focused on supplying hydronic underfloor heating systems that take advantage of the stored renewable energy in nature.

Adelaide Geoexchange are your Stiebel Eltron Air to Water Hydronic Heat Pump specialist. We can provide hydronic underfloor heating using the Stiebel Eltron ACS hydronic heat pumps
Air to Water Heat Pump
Ecoforest EcoGeo Basic Ground Source Heat Pump Adelaide South Australia for hydronic underfloor heating
Water to Water Heat Pump (Also called Geoexchange or Ground Source Heat Pumps)

Further Details about hydronic heating Adelaide

Hydronic underfloor heating consists of a network of special pipework installed in your floor. Warm water is circulated through the pipework letting heat radiate up from the floor surface. Imagine stepping out of bed in the morning and the floor is warm and pleasant and your whole house is comfortable, with hydronic infloor heating this can be a reality.



  • Potential for individual room control so you only have to heat the areas you are utilising.

  • With no fans need to distribute heat there is very low air movement which means low dust circulation and plus for allergy sufferers.

  • The pipework is a sealed system so has low maintenance requirements.

  • These are proven systems that have been tried and tested widely in Australia for a number of years.

  • When coupled to the right heat source (geoexchange or air to water heat pump) hydronic in floor heating can be a very energy efficient way of heating your home or building.

  • Hydronic infloor heating is versatile and works with a wide range of floor types and coverings.

Infloor Cooling

Infloor cooling systems (also referred to as radiant cooling) is a possibility by reversing your heat pump to chill water instead of heat. The chilled water circulates through the pipework installed in you floor removing heat from the room. Factors that will dictate whether this is a option for you to explore is dependant on the cooling requirements for your home and your location. We can offer cooling via fan coil units using chilled water if slab cooling is not an option.


Commonly asked Hydronic questions

Traditionally hydronic underfloor heating was run of fossil fuel boilers (oil, diesel and gas) but with technological advances a heat pump has become a cleaner, more environmentally and efficient means of heating the water for your hydronic system. The added bonus of a heat pump is that some models can be reversed to provide chilled water for cooling.

Yes a hydronic underfloor heating system can by used to cool by either circulating cooled water through your slab, adding a chilled water fan coil or utilising a hydronic wall panel radiator with built in cooling option.

Yes hydronic heating can use gas but we only offer solutions that utilise efficient electrically driven heat pumps.

The total cost of your hydronic heating system will depend on a number of factors like the size of your home, the chosen heat source and wether you are building a new home or looking for  a retrofit solution.

Yes a heat pump system can replace a fossil fuel consuming boiler (Gas, Diesel and Oil) on your hydronic heating system giving you a much cleaner, energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating solution.

Yes a hydronic heating and cooling system can be the perfect fit for a commercial application.

Yes hydronic heating and cooling can be efficient but like any system will only be as good as it is designed to run, the quality of the chosen equipment and how the system is controlled.

Yes hydronic heating can work very well.

With our hydronic inslab heating and cooling systems you have the peace of mind that we only use quality products. Our chosen pipework comes with a 25 year manufacture backed warranty. We expect the pipe to last much longer than that and even last as long as the house.

Yes even though we are based in the Adelaide Hills we can design and install a hydronic heating and cooling systems anywhere in South Australia. Also if you are in another State we can put you in contact with a local installer.

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