Geoexchange cooling solution uses the ground as a space to reject heat. South Australia

It’s Hot Outside! Keep your cool with a Geoexchange cooling solution.

Geoexchange cooling solutions.

  It has been hot! Now I know it’s summer and it does get hot in summer but it is more the duration of the hot periods that make the difference. It has been reported that we are experiencing heat waves at greater frequency than we have in the past with Adelaide’s starting 2018 with 12 days above 35 degrees C so far this year. While working on a job in Adelaide over the last few weeks it is incredible when step out side in the heat and listen to hear all the air conditioners on surrounding homes working hard to keep the occupants of the home cool and comfortable.

How does an Air Conditioner keep your house cool?

An air conditioner is an appliance that uses a refrigeration cycle to cool your home (to find out the full explanation of the refrigeration cycle have a look at the wiki article here.) The basic process it that the air conditioner removes the heat from your home and transfers the heat to the air out side. This process can work well when the outside air is not too hot. The issue being that as the air outside gets hotter it is harder for the air conditioner to move the heat from your home and the efficiency drops off.

How is Geoexchange cooling different?

 Instead of trying to transfer the heat from your home to the hot air outside we use the ground around your home. A few meters beneath the surface, the earth’s temperature remains fairly constant. Geoexchange takes advantage of this constant temperature to provide extremely efficient cooling. The heat inside the home is extracted from the air and transferred through the heat pump to the water in the ground loop piping. The water solution in the ground loop then carries the excess heat back to the earth. This gives you a near constant efficiency of your cooling system.

Geoexchange cooling can cool your home by using a water to air heat pump (similar to a ducted air con) or with chilled water (ducted or hydronic slab cooling).

Geoexchange cooling solution uses the ground as a space to reject heat. South Australia
Heat is removed from the home in Cooling mode and transferred to the ground.

” The heatwave has continued Adelaide’s searing start to 2018 with 12 days above 35C so far this year.

How geoexchange work ~ Video

Where can you use geoexchange cooling?

  • Existing homes
  • New homes
  • Schools
  • Sports halls
  • Commercial Applications
  • Offices
  • Churches and Religious Buildings
  • Anywhere that need cooling

Let someone know that we can help them use energy better!

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