Its Time....

 In South Australia a high percentage of our electricity is generated through renewable means. By disconnecting from burning fossil fuel in the home for heating, hot water, pool and spa heating you can reduce you carbon footprint considerably. You can also use onsite generated power from Solar PV or wind to help power you electrically driven systems.

The all electric home is efficient and achievable.

Why would you want to go all electric?

  • Use onsite generated electricty (Solar PV)
  • Cut down on service charges
  • Reduce you carbon footprint
  • Build a home that is future proof
Its time.... Go LPG Free in your home by utilising energy efficient heat pumps for hydronic, hot-water, pool heating and space conditioning.

Questions we are often asked

IS the all electric home a real reality

Yes it is and more and more people are moving this way in new and existing homes.

The new Development we are building in has a reticulated lPG system installed and we are told we have to connect to it?

  This is a statement we are starting to hear a bit as the amount of reticulated LPG installed in new subdivisions is growing. One problem we see with this as it actually limits your option to go all electric as in most cases the developments building guide states that you have to have hot water and one other point connected. Also in most cases the infrastructure is installed and owned by a third party and they are tied in to a gas retailer meaning there is no completion in the supply chain that provides your gas basically creating a monopoly.

What can you do? As most of the developments state that you have to connect you could try having a discussion with the deliver and let them know that you would like them to consider your proposal to go all electric.

Bulk Lpg Storage in new developments is becoming popular but it comes with a catch. If you build in the development you have to connect to it.

You will see bulk LPG storage systems like the tanks above in new rural developments

Let someone know that we can help them use energy better!

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