Hot Water Heat Pumps

 If you’re looking for an energy efficient means of providing your home with hot water, then a geoexchange or air to water heat pump hot water systems may be the answer. Hot water heat pumps harvest natural energy from the ground or air to efficiently create hot water. Unlike solar systems, hot water heat pumps in Australia don’t rely on a steady supply of sunlight in order to operate – instead, they work at all times of the day or night and in all weather conditions.

Geoexchange hot water heat pump

Using Geoexchange heat pumps for your hot water requirements is a efficient way to generate your hot water needs. The following are the flexible options that a geoexchange hot water heat pump can give:


Stand alone geoexchange heat pump connected to a stand alone tank.


 A desuperheater is a secondary heat exchanger that transfers heat from the earth in the winter, and from your home in the summer, into your domestic hot water tank.

Integrated with Hydronic heating, cooling and pool heating

Utilise the same Geoexchange heat pump that you are using to heat the hot water in you hydronic system to heat your hot water.

WaterFurnace Geoexchange Heat Pump Adelaide Geoexchange

Standalone hot water heat pumps

We are proud to be able to offer some of the most efficient hot water heat pumps available on the market.

Our options include:

  • Reclaim Energy Co2 Hot Water Heat Pumps
  • Stiebel Eltron Hot Water Heat Pump
To find out more about standalone hot water heat pumps visit our sister company.
Reclaim Energy Co2 Heat Pumps in Adelaide

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