Geoexchange in commercial applications

  • Reduced Peak Power Usage
  • Multiple Applications like Ducted heating and cooling, heated and chilled water and pool heating.
  • Recover Waste Heat.
  • Suitable for Schools, Councils, Churches, Sports Halls. Offices, Factories, Farms, Ice Skating Rinks and much more.

It's time to think differently about how we use energy in commercial applications.

Geoexchange systems are a cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling buildings, heating water for pools and spas and heating and chilling water for many applications.

 Geoexchange heat pumps are appropriate for new construction as well as retrofits of older buildings.  Their flexible design requirements make them a good choice for schools, high-rises, government buildings, apartments, and restaurants and almost any commercial property. Lower operating and maintenance costs, durability, and energy conservation make Geoexchange heat pumps the smart choice for commercial applications.

how does geoexchange work- Adelaide geoexchange

How does a Commercial Geoexchange system work?

 A few meters beneath the surface, the earth’s temperature remains fairly constant. Geoexchange takes advantage of this constant temperature to provide extremely efficient heating and cooling.

In winter, a water solution circulating through pipes buried in the ground absorbs heat from the earth and carries it into the building. Inside the building a heat pump is utilised to concentrate the earth’s thermal energy and then to transfer it to the required application.

In the summer, the process is reversed. The heat that is extracted from the air inside or the water in the chilled system is transferred through the heat pump to the ground loop piping. The water solution in the ground loop then carries the excess heat back to the earth.

St Peter's College Adelaide Geoexchange System

In 2016, St Peter’s College in Adelaide became the first school in South Australia to use geoexchange to heat their indoor pool and provide space conditioning to the pool enclosure. We undertook the installation of the plant and equiptment on behalf of Geoexchange Australia.  

At the school ground temperatures of 17C are accessed through the installation of a Ground Heat Exchanger (GHX) beneath the adjacent sports oval. This consists of 45 boreholes drilled to a depth of 70 metres each. The water circulated through the polyethylene pipe within this GHX extract heat from the ground and deliver it to a series of Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) that are located in the main plant room. Two of the GSHPs transfer this heat from the GHX into the pool water while six GSHPs supply the pool hall with space heating and/or cooling.

For more information about this great project visit Geoexchange Australia’s St Peters school case study here. 

  • Year installed: 2016
  • System capacity: 170 kW Cooling, 180 kW Heating
  • Delivery method: Water to Air Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) for ducted heating and cooling and Water to Water Reversible Chiller GSHP’s for swimming pool water heating
  • Ground Source Heat Pump: WaterFurnace Envision Series XL Ducted water-to-air, WaterFurnace Envision2 Chiller NKW water-to-water.
  • Ground Heat Exchanger: Vertical boreholes
  • ENERGY SAVING: Up to 60 % savings compared to conventional reverse-cycle air-conditioning

Ducted Heating and Cooling

 With the choice of packaged water to air geoexchange heat pumps or chilled water fan coil units a Geoexchange solution is flexible to fit into any project. The added bonus of a geoexchange system is where conventional systems reject heat when cooling to the air a geoexchange system moves that heat to the ground for future use just like using a battery. Also with the option to have units on the same loop system in simultaneously heating and cooling you can move heat from one area to another eg. If you are cooling one space you can move the heat to a pool to heat it.

Pool and Spa Heating

 By using Water to Water Geoexchange heat pumps to heat your pool and spa’s can reduce the overall running cost of your centre. Also you have the flexibility if are cooling an adjacent space to move the heat to a pool instead of wasting it pushing it to the outside air.

WaterFurnace Geoexchange Water to Water heat pumps for Commercial pool heating at St Peters College Adelaide

Geoexchange for Developments

 Growing in popularity overseas is the use of Geoexchange in developments as a district style system. This allows for the sharing of thermal energy between properties and reduces the amount of energy input required. By sharing the thermal energy within the development it cuts down on the amount of ground loop required.

The required loop field can be installed into the green/park areas around the development. 

Housing development Adelaide Geoexchange

Heated and chilled water for Manufacturing

Adelaide Geoexchange Pride ourselves in being the leaders in Commercial Geoexchange for heated and chilled water in South Australia.

Geoexchange For Farms

Adelaide Geoexchange Pride ourselves in being the leaders in Commercial Geoexchange solutions for Farms in South Australia. 

Ice Rinks

Ice production with the added bonus of heat capture for hot water, bench warming and ice edge warming.

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