Delivering Comfort

Geoexchange is more than a system it's a solution!

We can provide you with a total solution to give you a great level of home comfort whilst using

energy better.

 To incorporate a geoexchange solution into your home we have a number of options available to suit you. In a geoexchange system there is two main parts, the distribution system (this is the equipment in the home) and the loop. The inside part of the system is referred to as the load side and the outside part of the system is called the source side.


Comfort delivery methods include:

Geoexchange ducted heating and cooling solution

Ducted Heating and Cooling:

A geoexchange system can utilise ducting in the roof of your home (similar to traditional aircon) that can provide heating and cooling through vents generally installed in your ceiling.

Hydronic infloor heating and cooling with geoexchange solution

Hydronic Infloor Heating and Cooling:

A geoexchange system can provide heated and chilled water to you hydronic infloor heating and cooling system.

Hydronic Radiator Panel with Geoexchange solution

Hydronic Radiator Heating:

Geoexchange can provide heated water for your hydronic radiator panel system in your home. 

Hot Water:

We can provide a geoexchange system in your home that can provide your hot water.

Pool and Spa Heating:

We can provide a geoexchange system to provide you with energy efficient pool heating.

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